My exploration into relation with floats numbers and sounds. The size of a buffers, and how they influence the pitch, and yes what happen if we open the doors to another sounds source.

sa.osc.poke.and.friends by sebairstein 26/07/2023

click the picture to download

inside Rnbo∼

inside you can see the steps I have decide to manage poke.

Watch the next photo to understand, what some of my practice and steps I use to explore Max8

Curiosity & print & watch console & try to emulate

p fill-the-buffer was my way to go for understanding poke. Just curiosity and print object save me, with the helps files inside Max8.

At the end, a patch tell a story that you're able to visualize, and teach the task to your computer.

if you have question, follow me on insta or fb. I'm here and share my works cause I'm a dreamer and I hope, I'm not the only one. kiss

Ps: _i am also a busy and happy father, lover, first, so i do Max when i can :)